Air Force trains for surprise war with Hezbollah

Massive 'Galilee Rose' Air Force training exercise ends after 3 days. IAF practices quick mobilization, attacking thousands of targets a day

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Air Force trains
Air Force trains
IDF Spokesperson

The Air Force exercise "Galilee Rose" came to an end today (Tuesday). The exercise was activated in a surprise format of a transition from routine to emergency, and examined all the mechanisms and processes carried out in the Air Force in transition to a state of high alertness.

During the exercise the Air Force managed to meet the target of attacking 3,000 targets in a single day of combat.

All Air Force units, including dozens of aircraft and regular soldiers and reservists who were quickly recruited, took part in the exercise, in which they practiced intense combat, attacking supply chains, protecting the country's skies in various scenarios, command and control, accurate planning, and practiced attacking thousands of targets in a simulation of a large-scale war in the northern arena.

The IDF notes that the Air Force will continue to prepare and constantly improve its readiness for war, while preserving its air superiority and protecting the country's skies and residents.

Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin concluded the exercise, "The exercise improved the Air Force's readiness to fight in the northern arena through effective practice and drills that have lasted the last three days. We will continue to provide protection for the country's skies and preserve the superiority of the Air Force in the area."