Security forces foil drug-smuggling attempt from Egypt

IDF soldiers, Israel Police unit, work together to foil attempt at smuggling millions of shekels in drugs.

Kobi Finkler, Arutz Sheva ,

The confiscated drugs
The confiscated drugs
IDF spokesperson

Israeli security forces on Sunday night foiled an attempt to smuggle drugs into Israel, arresting the would-be smugglers.

The suspects, who were attempting to smuggle millions of shekels' worth of drugs, were spotted by IDF observers from the Paran Brigade, who noticed several people attempting to smuggle drugs from Egyptian territory into Israel.

Working with the Magen unit, IDF soldiers arrived at the scene, arresting five suspects and foiling the attempt.

The soldiers also confiscated dozens of sacks containing drugs worth millions of shekels.

Both the sacks and the suspects have been transferred to the Magen Unit of Israel Police for investigation and interrogation.

Last month, a furniture truck filled with drugs bound for Gaza was intercepted by Port Authority inspectors.