First vaccine recipient: I feel great

Man who received the first dose of the Israeli-developed coronavirus vaccine says he feels no symptoms hours later.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the first vaccine recepient
the first vaccine recepient
Defense Ministry spokespersonן

Segev Harel, the first volunteer to receive the Israeli-developed coronavirus vaccine, stated that he "feels great" after receiving the vaccine at Sheba hospital Sunday.

"I feel great, thanks for the interest, two hours have passed and I do not feel any special symptoms, I feel great, and I'm joking with the medical staff here," Harel said.

Harel added, "I really want to thank all the doctors and nurses who have been with me since this morning and give me the most wonderful feeling possible. It's really great fun."

On the risk he took in being the first person to test a new medicine, Harel said, "Like anything in life that has a risk, you have to look at the profit, I was a soldier and I know what it is to take a risk. The profit that can come out of here today is hope for an Israeli vaccine and I think it's worth it."

Harel later stated that he agreed to volunteer for the vaccine also due to the fact that he is 26 years old, healthy and single.