New single from Avraham Fried, Eli Marcus commemorates Jewish unity in midst of pandemic

New single by Avraham Fried and Eli Marcus commemorates Jewish unity around the Miracle Sefer Torah during coronavirus pandemic.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ub'ais Hahi
Ub'ais Hahi
צילום: לוי טייטלבאום, מרקו דאשאב

A new musical collaboration between Avraham Fried, Eli Marcus, and Yossi Green commemorates the writing of the 'Miracle Sefer Torah' during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Entitled, 'Ub'ais Hahi', the song pays homage to the efforts of businessmen Shloimy Greenwald, Zalmy Cohen, and Beryl Junik, who organized a campaign bringing together 340,000 Jews in lockdown to crowdfund the writing of a Torah scroll.