'ISRAEL-is' is helping Israelis who want to come home

Pro-Israel organization turns from training soldiers as ambassadors for Israel to working day and night to help Israelis stranded abroad.

Yoni Kempinski ,

'ISRAEL-is' is helping Israelis come home
'ISRAEL-is' is helping Israelis come home
Arutz Sheva

Dozens of Israelis are currently abroad in various countries, lacking information and confused about what they should do next. How are the countries they are in handling coronavirus? What steps should they take to improve hygiene? Can they eat in restaurants? Who should they turn to for medical treatment? What reimbursement will they receive from their insurance companies?

Many countries are closing their borders, including countries in the European Union, Peru, Colombia, and the Philippines, and many tourists are stranded with no way of returning home. This leads to a number of questions: How can they find flights to Israel? After they return to Israel, how do they reach home and quarantine without coming in contact with anyone else?

ISRAEL-is, a nonpolitical pro-Israel organization, has set up a special operation to provide the Israeli travelers with personal and direct answers to these and many other questions. Staffed by volunteers, the special operation connects directly with Foreign Ministry, Health Ministry, and airline representatives, and is working in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, according to Health Ministry guidelines.

In normal times, ISRAEL-is works to empower young Israelis, newly released from the IDF, to be ambassadors for Israel while traveling abroad.

According to ISRAEL-is, Israelis ages 20-24 make 547,000 trips abroad each year, and most of these trips are made by newly-released soldiers.

The organization was founded after its founders, during their travels abroad, met tourists from around the globe and realized that the way many people saw Israel was not in line with reality. Realizing that newly-released soldiers like themselves often find their way around the world and try to explain Israel's true story, the founders understood that providing these young Israelis with appropriate training could positively influence how Israel is seen by residents of the world at large.