Video: Dawn detention at Jenin refugee camp

At first light, forces raid home of Daoud Zabidi and arrest him on suspicion of committing terror acts in Jenin.

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Mordechai Sones ,

The arrest
The arrest
Police Spokesman

Undercover border forces accompanied by large Border Police and IDF forces arrived last night for operations in Jenin refugee camp.

At dawn's first light, forces raided the home of Daoud Zabidi and arrested him on suspicion of committing terror acts in Jenin.

In a swift operation the force came to the suspect's home and made his arrest without local disturbance.

"Minutes after raiding Daoud Zabidi's house in the Jenin refugee camp, we were already making our way out with Daoud, wanted for terror acts he carried out," said the Border Police Brigade Commander.

The commander added: "The complexity of activity in the heart of the Jenin refugee camp is difficult to explain, but the fact that it went through successfully and without casualties is indicative of the professionalism and determination of the fighters."