Report: Trump will not attend opening of embassy in Jerusalem

US President to miss historic opening of US embassy in Israel's capital.

Gary Willig,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump will not attend the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem this May, it was reported Tuesday evening.

The Israeli government received confirmation that President Trump will not be able to attend the opening of the embassy, the first foreign embassy in Israel's capital in decades, due to scheduling conflicts, according to News 2 reporters Dana Weiss and Yaron Avraham.

The US embassy will open in Jerusalem on May 14, on the 70th anniversary of the Gregorian date of the establishment of the State of Israel. The Hebrew date is the 5th of Iyar which falls on Friday, April 20 this year, but the holiday will be celebrated on Thursday April 19 so as not to desecrate Sabbath eve.

According to the report, the two countries will attempt to arrange for President Trump to visit Israel in July for a 'cornerstone-laying' ceremony at the new embassy.

The White House informed News 2 that there has been no decision on Trump's visit to Israel yet.

During his meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier this month, Trump had stated that he "may" attend the opening of the embassy.

“I may. I may,” he said when asked if he would attend the ceremony. “We’re looking at coming. If I can, I will.”