New song: 'Thank G-d in good times and bad times'

Jewish music singer in London speaks about his new song and about what he does when it's forbidden to perform.

Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 09:36

Eitan Freilich,
Eitan Freilich,
Shelley Kelaty

Arutz Sheva spoke with Eitan Freilich, a Jewish artist from the UK who creates original Chasidic music, ahead of the three weeks, the period of mourning which commemorates the period from when the Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem to the destruction of the Holy Temple.

Eitan spends every night singing for Brides and Grooms on their special day, in addition to performances around the world.

Eitan's newest, single “Lehodos Lecha,” was composed by Yitzy Waldner, who has composed dozens of hits, for artists like Yaakov Shwekey and Avraham Fried. The idea behind the Psalm the song is based on is to stop and pray and thank God for all the good he has done, even in bad times, Eitan said.

"Our nation is full of pride, our land has been revived, our Torah is once again flourishing."