67% of British Jews Worried Over Corbyn

British Jews on high alert over the success of Jeremy Corbyn, who has been linked to Hamas and to Holocaust denial organizations.

Tova Dvorin , | updated: 4:46 PM

UK Labor leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn
UK Labor leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn

Two-thirds of British Jews are "concerned" over the potential for Labour front-runner Jeremy Corbyn to win the party primaries, according to a poll released Thursday, after Corbyn has been linked to numerous anti-Semitic activities. 

Far-left MP Jeremy Corbyn is currently seen as favorite to be elected Labor leader, despite his disturbing links to a wide range of extremists, spanning far-right holocaust deniers, an anti-Semitic Christian minister and Islamist terrorist groups.Those links - as well as his highly controversial leftist economic policies -have drawn criticism from the UK Jewish community and senior party figures alike.

British Jewry is now on high alert over Corbyn's success, according to the British Jewish Chronicle. 

Some 80% of respondents were "concerned" over Corbyn's donations to a Holocaust denier charity; 83% were equally concerned over his support for "friends" Hamas and Hezbollah. 

JC also asked whether Jews believe politicians use the term "anti-Zionism" to mask blatant anti-Semitism - and some 90% of respondents agreed. Of those, 44% believe the term "always" hides anti-Semitism; 27%, "often" hides anti-Semitism; and 19%, "sometimes" hides anti-Semitism. 

1,000 respondents were questioned via survey company Survation over Monday and Tuesday of this week. Of respondents, just 14% stated they voted for Labour in the last election, whereas 63% voted for Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party.