Folks, I Have a Dilemma

Like too many of my countrymen, I am getting overloaded. And it has gotten to the point that I am so disgusted with the elections and the lack of choices that we have, that I don't know who will be the least horrible of choices.

Arlene Peck

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Like too many of my countrymen, I am getting overloaded. And it has gotten to the point that I am so disgusted with the elections and the lack of choices that we have, that I don't know who will be the least horrible of choices.

I'm at the point of saying "anybody but Bush" because of the current US president's programs, or lack thereof, on the economy, environment, abortion and stem cell and gun control issues. Oh, and let's not forget the Social Security and healthcare issues that are in dire danger. The prescription drug situation is a national disaster. However, the only redeeming attribute that he might have, and I say this questioningly, is his support of Israel, something that I have yet to see in John Kerry and company. I don't know too much of what he's thinking, as all we've heard about for months is his heroism, or lack thereof, in Vietnam.

I probably wouldn't worry about Israel so much if I detected a little bit of leadership and strength in the politicians who are running that country. I hesitate to say "leadership", as I haven't seen too much of that since Yitzhak Shamir was prime minister.

Amazingly, though, the Bush administration, knowing that the terrorists receive much of the cash and the rest goes into Yasser Arafat & Company's villas, is still send them funding.

What kind of mentality do the US politicians have that they think they know what is best for the Jewish State? It's comical that anyone can look to George Bush as the rescuing cavalry, least of all Israel. Lordy, we can't even stop the abyss of incompetence that our politicians are leading us into, let alone guide others whose very survival is at stake.

But Israel is doing pretty "well" in the incompetence department, also. I sit here astounded that one man, or maybe two if you count Shimon Peres, are blithely going along selling off pieces of the Land of Israel in order to please President Bush & Company, including the persistently biased (toward the Arabs) State Department, many of whose graduates are on Arab payrolls as "consultants". Treason, anyone?

How do they do it? I remember when US President Jimmy Carter "gave away" Florida, and Castro opened Cuban prisons and mental institutions and gave us their 'boat people'. Meanwhile, thousands cross my state border from Mexico daily and the current president calls it a "guest worker program". They may not be coming over to blow us up, but it is draining our economy.

Our stock market is still down four years later. We have no health plan. The environment is getting worse, and we are so beholden to the Arabs for our oil that terrorism is being overlooked for oil. I don't think that we have one employee left in the USA who is actually working for an American company. Everyone seems to have been out-sourced to India or the Philippines. It is virtually impossible to call any service company, that hasn't out-sourced. Even our IRS.

Yet, somehow, we're supposed to know what to tell Israel to do in order to have peace, "peace in our time", a peace treaty disguised as surrender - like the Paris accords with the North Vietnamese. We tell them they will have peace if they just "show restraint" in the face of suicide bombings; if they just did as they are told by our president or State Department, then everything will be just fine and Israel will attain this elusive peace - a peace of the cemetery.

The latest travesty was a report that a senior Israeli official, the country's attorney general, Menachem Mazuz, is urging that Israel consider adopting the Fourth Geneva Convention as regards Judea, Samaria and Gaza. He made a big issue that it isn't disputed land, but rather 'occupied territory', which Israel now acknowledges. Couple that with the Israeli Supreme Court ruling on the wall and I can only shake my head in wonderment.

The Los Angeles Times, which never met a terrorist that they didn't report as a "freedom fighter" or "activist", is ecstatic when these loose cannons have a slip of the tongue that makes Israel look bad. The paper picked an opportunity to cite a Haaretz report on how Prime Minister Sharon declared that "more than three million Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza were a population living under occupation, and suggested that continuing to exert control over them was ultimately harmful to Israel." Don't they realize the damage they do with such idiotic comments?

I almost had to laugh when the LA Times lost it and didn't know how to report the Iraqi sports team players who were giving press conferences saying that if they weren't busy at the Olympics, then they would be back home in Iraq fighting with the "brothers against the Americans."

This, from a team that previously would have had their feet shredded in a blender if they lost by that psychopath Uday Hussein. Amazing how Iraq totally forgot that the only reason that they were at the games in the first place was because my tax dollars made it all possible.

The talk shows, however, weren't as benevolent as the local media when it comes to the "insurgents" and were saying how we should nuke them. I know the mentality of the enemy, and frankly, at this point in time, I wish that Israel would make the announcements that any terrorist attack would be answered by missiles and bullets that have been soaked in pig entrails. It worked when General Pershing buried his terrorists wrapped in pig carcasses about ninety years ago. I wonder what the market is for pig manure today?

When I was living in Israel, I remember how the Arab "workers" would sabotage the jobs they were working on and pee in the air conditioning systems and put rotten eggs in the mortar. Why shouldn't it be a reversal today, with it being well known that parts of a pig would be used whenever they might want to do their damage?

What about the security barrier that President Bush and Colin Powell call an impediment to peace? I think that it would be a wonderful addition to notify the PLO that if they want to climb over, under or around it, then they might have to go through pig, pig, pig. Knowing their primitive and backward mentality, I'll make a bet that the terrorist brotherhood would think twice about anything "impeding" their entrance into Paradise. (I just wish I knew of a wall that we could build in my neighborhood of Southern California to stop the constant flow of illegal aliens who are constantly coming over our border.)

Maybe it's time for Israel, in addition to standing up and doing what they have to do without asking permission from the US, EU, UN or anyone else, to give consulting advice to my government on how to build a wall that could solve our problem?