Obstacle Illusions

In this topsy turvy world, the obstacle to terrorist attacks has been transmuted to an obstacle to peace, a provocation and even a war crime.

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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In this topsy turvy world, the obstacle to terrorist attacks has been transmuted to an obstacle to peace, a provocation and even a war crime.

In reality, the greatest obstacle to peace is ourselves. We could have bought and settled the entire Judea and Shomron. It is not that the so-called Palestinians don?t want to sell. Even at the risk of their lives, they are very eager to sell out and move on. It is not that Jews don?t want to buy. Hundred of thousands of Jews over the years tried to buy, but were stonewalled by the Israeli racist policy against Jews owning land in Yesha, that is, Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

It is hard to believe, but Israel actually enforced the Jordanian law that prohibits Jews of any nationality to own any land in Yesha. Until the fiasco of Oslo, a department of the Israeli military controlled land registration, and for over thirty years, this official office enforced the Jordanian law that prohibits Jews from owning land.

The military administration?s lands office records property transfers between Arabs seamlessly and quickly. It makes no difference if the Arab is an Israeli citizen or a so-called Palestinian. Yet, until relatively recently, no Jew could buy land in Yesha. Now, if a Jew wants to buy, he has to create a local corporation, the corporation has to be approved by the military to conduct business in Yesha, and the individual sale has to be approved by the military before the sale. The military still usually rejects applications from Jews that want to buy. In the rare cases that they permit it, the office in Beit El that records title makes it a living Gehennom. When a property is sold to a Jew, it is not recorded for many years, if at all. This office notifies the Palestinian Authority of the sale, publishes notices of the sale in Palestinian newspapers and schedules ad nauseum reviews of the file. In many cases, the seller is killed and title cannot be recorded, as the seller can no longer verify the sale.

Worse, if the seller attempts to escape the inevitable death squads by first emigrating, he cannot sell his property at all to Jews. There is another office, run by a malicious pro-Arab autocrat, that administers abandoned land. It is technically abandoned if the so-called Palestinian lives outside of the country. This means that a so-called Palestinian who moves out of the country before the sale is recorded, a process of many years, cannot sell to Jews. Further, if he owns land within the Green Line, but lives in Yesha, he also can never sell it.

In contrast, in the rest of Israel, there is a lands office that records title (tabo). In the lands office, once title is found to be clean by the governmental official, the Israeli government stands behind that ownership so that it is irrevocable. If there are errors and the land really belonged to someone else, the Israeli government will pay the original owner the value of the property, but the property transfer is never revoked. Whenever a property is sold within Israel, the property sale is recorded in tabo instantly.

I bought several properties in the Shomron, and after 20 years, the first property is being recorded. Others are lost because Binyamin Netanyahu, in signing the Wye Agreement, re-zoned my property to be within the Palestinian Authority Area B, which puts the approval of the tabo in the Palestinian Office. As their law prohibits any Jew to own any land, it can never be legally recorded. Even worse, the Israeli government prohibits me from stepping foot on the property I purchased over 25 years ago.

There is a simple remedy.

Change the law.

If Jews living outside the Green Line are subject to Israeli taxes, Israeli traffic tickets and the imposition of all other Israeli laws, then property ownership should be regulated by the same tabo office as the rest of Israel. The law must clearly state that when a Jew buys a property, it is not a ?provocation?, but a right of free enterprise and that the Jew has equal rights under to law to purchase land within or without the Green Line.

This perfidy has to stop. For millennia, Jews have been prevented from owning property. We have to stop doing this to ourselves.

There is an old Gypsy saying that says that when a fish smells it smells from the head.

Swaggering in as a rough, tough enforcer, US President George Bush imposed the Roadmap, a Saudi plan that is blatantly anti-Semitic and racist. He had the audacity to echo the Palestinian lament that some Jews live in the West Bank. Worse, he had the gall to insist that Israel destroy 102 new Jewish farms and communities and forcibly evict the Jews. This is racism, pure and simple.

This is not only illegal, but violates the very fabric of the Constitution. Legally, there is no difference between forcibly evicting all the Jews from the West Bank of the Mississippi River and evicting American Jews from the West Bank of the Jordan River. Even more disgusting is that with all the pomp and circumstance, the media trumpets this as the Great White Hope and casts Bush as the Savior.

Israel dances to the tune played by the US. It is the United States that perpetuates the fiction that it is illegal for Jews to move to the so-called West Bank. It is only illegal for a Jewish Israeli, but not illegal for non-Jewish Israeli citizens. Any Christian or Moslem Israeli is free to move to the West Bank, according to the European Union, Russia, Palestinian Authority and the United Nations. Even more egregious, the United States president and state department takes the position that it is legal for an American citizen, and even Israeli citizens of the Moslem or Christian faiths, to remain in the West Bank. It is only ?illegal? for American or Israeli Jews to reside in Judea or Samaria.

According to international law it is perfectly legal for Jews to move into Judea and Samaria. A legal opinion I found states:

?The settlements are not located in ?occupied territory?. The last binding international legal instrument which divided the territory in the region of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza was the League of Nations Mandate, which explicitly recognized the right of Jewish settlement in all territory allocated to the Jewish national home in the context of the British Mandate. These rights under the British Mandate were preserved by the successor organization to the League of Nations, the United Nations, under Article 49 of the UN Charter.

?The West Bank and Gaza are disputed, not occupied, with both Israel and the Palestinians exercising legitimate historical claims. There was no Palestinian sovereignty in the West Bank and Gaza Strip prior to 1967. Jews have a deep historic and emotional attachment to the land and, as their legal claims are at least equal to those of Palestinians, it is natural for Jews to build homes in communities in these areas, just as Palestinians build in theirs.

?The territory of the West Bank and Gaza Strip was captured by Israel in a defensive war, which is a legal means to acquire territory under international law. In fact, Israel's seizing the land in 1967 was the only legal acquisition of the territory this century: The Jordanian occupation of the West Bank from 1947 to 1967, by contrast, had been the result of an offensive war in 1948 and was never recognized by the international community, including the Arab states, with the exception of Great Britain and Pakistan.?

You can help us. By purchasing a vacation home in Judea and Samaria, you will have standing to join a class action suit and you will prevent the evacuation of Jews from the so-called West Bank. Buy a vacation home alone or with other partners. You can get a house for as little as $25,000. After you buy in, send the following to your Senator and Congressmen and to the Federal office on civil rights:

I purchased a vacation home in the West Bank. Only because I am Jewish does the United States President and State Department force Israel to destroy my home and illegally usurp my property rights.

American Jews? basic Constitutional rights are trampled upon, specifically as follows:


Jews are barred from buying land: Jews are prohibited by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to buy land from Arabs both in Israel, as well as in the West Bank and Gaza. The PA issues death warrants for Arabs that sell to Jews. The Sellers are executed by the PA whether they are in Israel, Palestine, or any other country. Arab real estate agents are similarly killed. Before execution, sellers and real estate agents are first tortured to reveal the identities of all persons involved in the transactions. The PA also issues a death warrant for the Jewish buyer, and they execute it.

Jews lose title retroactively to land purchased in Areas A & B: Registration of land ownership in Area A (both civil and security under PA administration) and Area B (civil, but not security under PA administration) is controlled by the PA. If a Jew buys land from Arabs, the Palestinian Authority retroactively revokes the property transfer and the land is returned to the family after executing punishment upon the seller or the land is confiscated and becomes the property of the Palestinian Authority. The registration of land title in Area C (both civil and security under Israeli administration, about 58% of the West Bank and Gaza) is in a military court in Beit El, and the Arabs that work for the Israeli government performing title searches inform the Palestinian Authority each and every time an Arab sells to a Jew.

Price of Land for American Jews is greater: Land sold to American Jews is usually more than ten times the price when sold to American Christians or Muslims.

Jews are barred from use and occupancy of land they purchased: American citizens may purchase and have use and occupancy of land and houses in Palestinian jurisdictions as long as they are not Jewish. Groups of Jews bought land over 25 years ago and as a result of the Wye Agreement are barred from stepping foot on their land.

Jews are barred from building on land they purchased: The Roadmap, by creating a ?freeze? on Jewish settlement, permits American Muslims or Christians to build their primary residence or vacation homes, but prohibits American Jews from building a home on land they purchased many years ago.

Jews are evacuated forcibly from their property with no compensation.

Legal Issues


American citizens are being targeted for discrimination. An Arab or Christian American citizen is welcome to settle in any part of the Palestinian Authority, but Jews are discriminated against. Land sold to an American Jew is usually more than ten times the price sold to an American Arab, because the PA created the risk. American citizens who happen to be Jewish are being targeted with the active complicity of the State Department.

Taking of Property with No Compensation

Groups of Jews bought land over 25 years ago and, as a result of the American sponsored Wye Agreement, are barred from stepping foot on their land. The American-sponsored Roadmap results in an immediate taking of property with no compensation.

Restricted Right of Free Commerce

The Palestinian Authority prohibition of Jews buying land from Arabs both within Israel, as well as in the disputed territories, is a conspiracy to restrict the rights of free commerce of an American citizen. The Arab that sells to a Jew gets the death penalty and is executed, whether they are in Israel, Palestine or any other country. The death warrant for the Arab real estate agent and the American Jewish buyer is deliberate targeting of an American citizen by a foreign entity.

Conspiracy for Personal Profit

The Palestinians? retroactive revocation of the property transfer, either when the land is returned to the family or confiscated by the Palestinian Authority, is a conspiracy for personal profit. They do not have the right to revoke that land sale, and certainly not in the case of land within the sovereign and undisputed borders of Israel.

Human Rights Violations

The PA torturing the seller and real estate agent to reveal the identities of all persons involved in the land transactions is a human rights violation.

Accessories to Murder

The Arabs that work for the Israeli government in the land registration office in Beit El, by informing the Palestinian Authority each and every time an Arab sells to a Jew, are accessories to murder and are part of a conspiracy to commit murder for personal profit.

I respectfully ask that you lodge a formal complaint with the White House and State Department, and, if necessary, draft legislation to prevent wanton trampling on United States Citizens? Constitutional rights.

Against all odds, the ashes of a people have resurrected a prosperous country. Rather than claiming our inheritance, we have been acting like thieves caught in the night with stolen goods. The entire Holy Land is ours and we don't have to apologize. It is the end of days. We have come home and we intend to ?occupy? every square inch.

Fight terror with terror. They are terrified that we will take possession of our homeland.

Just remember: Life is full of obstacle illusions.