Atheist China buys the silence of a de-Christianized Europe

China managed to continue and even increase persecution and enslavement of religious groups despite the corona crisis. Nike, Apple and Dell are reportedly among the firms profiting from this slave labor.

Giulio Meotti

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The Chinese regime has taken advantage of the pandemic emergency and the tightening of the population to accelerate the persecution of religious communities.

Voice of the Martyrs, an organization that helps persecuted Christians around the world, reports: “China is presenting itself as a model for fighting coronavirus. But fighting the pandemic didn't stop Communist officials from persecuting Christians”, said Todd Nettleton, the organization's spokesman to Fox News.

Officials from Jiangsu Province used the blockade to demolish the Xiangbaishu church in the city of Yixing, according to a video shared by Bob Fu, the founder of China Aid and a fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations. On March 13, the Chinese group Christian Fellowship of Righteousness shared a video of a cross removed from a church in Guoyang, Anhui province. In Shandong Province, Chinese officials have banned online preaching, the only way for churches to reach out to the faithful between persecution and the spread of the virus, adds Nettleton. 

A directive from the Patriotic Movement and the Chinese Provincial Christian Council of Shandong - the two organizations that the Communist Party uses to control Protestant Christianity in China - has closed all “unregistered” or uncontrolled Christian meetings.

Thousands of Muslims from the Chinese Uyghur minority have been forced into slave labor in factories that supply some of the world's largest brands..incluing Nike, Apple and Dell.
But it’s not only Christians. Thousands of Muslims from the Chinese Uyghur minority have been forced into slave labor in factories that supply some of the world's largest brands, according to a new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. According to the report, the factories are part of the supply chain of 83 well-known global brands, including Nike, Apple and Dell.

Another report from the Communism Victims Memorial Foundation just recently denounced that the organs for sale on the transplant market in China often come from “prisoners of conscience”, Uyghurs and faithful of Falun Gong. 

After international pressure, in 2015 China had started to declare that it was acquiring organs only from voluntary donors, but the report says that the relevant data was falsified, with the number of transplants revised downward, as part of the attempt to deceive the global medical community.

Authorities in Northwest China's Uyghur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang have detained up to 1.8 million Uyghurs and other minorities in “re-education camps”, with reports of blood and DNA tests. “The coincidence of mass internment in Xinjiang, the rapid availability of organs in Chinese hospitals and the blood and physical tests consistent with the assessment of organ health, are easily explained by the exploitation of the Uyghurs”, says the report of the American organization. 

The problem with all the “gifts” from China is that the religious question will be silenced in the West, where it has never been raised much. 

Not a single European foreign minister, head of state or official - the same ones who are very happy to slander Israel and the Jews - raises the issue of religious persecution in China. 

Cardinal Joseph Zen, very critical of the agreement between the Vatican and China, just said that the “underground church”, the one not recognized by the Chinese regime, is increasingly “abandoned” to its own destiny. The West is not interested in focusing on Chinese religious persecution anymore. . 

Atheist China will have no problem in buying the silence of a de-Christianized Europe.