Netanyahu, you have won, but has a PLO-Hamas state lost?

We are proud and happy at your victory, but if the Trump Plan is accepted as is, PLO and Hamas will also be victors.

Yonaton Behar

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טראמפ ונתניהו

Prime Minister Netanyahu Kol HaKavod (kudos) on your victory! The plain and clear truth is that you are the most proven and effective politician in Israel - no one even comes close. On that, there is no debate.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Prime Minister, please do not falsely interpret your election victory as sign that we, the over one million healthy citizens who voted for you and your Likud party, agree to accept the "Deal of the Century" in full. 

We insist on changes in the parts of the plan that are anathema to the Jewish State.
We do not! We, of course, graciously express our gratitude for U.S. recognition of our sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and thank President Trump for that and all the other wonderful things he has done for Israel. 

But we insist on changes in the parts of the plan that are anathema to the Jewish State.

We will never agree to a building freeze anywhere in our God-given homeland - not for four years, and not even for four seconds! It's not up to us. Prime Minister Netanyahu: please tell President Trump, who is a believer in God and the Bible, that we have no choice - God commanded us to conquer, build, and settle all of the Land of Israel, and that's what we must do.

After all, God commanded us - who would even consider transgressing His command?!

In addition, we, and even a majority of those who voted for Blue and White, will never agree to the establishment of a PLO/Hamas/ISIS state of terror in the heart of our dear and cherished homeland. We are seekers of life, not death. We seek peace, not war.

Once again, congratulations on your victory -  it is also ours.