Only half favor impeachment. Only?

Look at Trump, who has made the US powerful and rich again, has kept it out of wars. Look at Netanyahu, who has steered Israel to be a hi-tech world-class powerhouse, but shares Trump’s fate. This is beyond coincidental on the scales of ingratitude.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Trump and Netanyahu, today
Trump and Netanyahu, today
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I find it astonishing that the surveys keep coming up half and half – thumbs up he must stay, thumbs down he must go. Think Nero and Caligula.

Around here, we the people are the emperors…and often just as loony.

As for the thumbs down crowd – who are these people? Excuse me if I call them ingrates. What more do they want? – and when I say Trump, think Netanyahu as well. Half the country has lost its mind, and I see them every day, glazing over their New York Times and their bitter coffee at Starbucks – which actually is another country.

The talkers on TV tell me that a point here, a point there separates us, the country, from which way we feel about the Inquisition, I mean the Impeachment. The people who love Trump are gaining, according to 20 minutes ago. So, it’s about 48 percent no, impeachment, 46 percent, yes. Whoopee for them.

This is supposed to be good? That still means half the nation is enemy territory. Half our streets are unsafe If you wear a MAGA hat. 

I’d have thought the figure to be about 80 to 20, favorable to Trump, given his successes, so then, I never figured in the lunatic fringe, did I?

I’d have thought the figure to be about 80 to 20, favorable to Trump, given his successes, so then, I never figured in the lunatic fringe, did I?
They walk among us blissfully unaware, or uncaring about the Trump economy, the best in a century, and then there’s a point even his supporters forget to make. No more are we slaves to oil and to the tyrants who controlled our destiny through their reserves. Trump let loose our reserves. Now we are the world’s largest exporter of energy.

Oil Embargo? Is there anyone still around who remembers what it was like 1973 in the USA when the gas stations were dark and you got to fill it up through a lottery system?

Then there’s a bigger reason why being energy independent is a miracle -- think Israel again, and again under Netanyahu.

Number one, we don’t have to get hysterical every time there’s another flare-up between Muslims, say Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia or along the United Arab Emirates. When they had troubles, we had troubles, and if you think we sent in our troops for humanitarian reasons, and then “nation building,” true enough. 

But don’t forget the oil…and think of the lives being saved, thanks to Trump, for all the guys staying home, watching football, instead of being caught Black Hawk Down/Mogadishu.

They can keep their oil. We’ve got plenty. Israel, too…remarkably.

Trump has made us powerful and rich again, and has kept us out of wars. You’d think that would count for something. Guess not.

That Netanyahu, who has steered Israel towards a hi-tech world-class powerhouse, but shares Trump’s fate, is beyond coincidental on the scales of ingratitude.

They also want Netanyahu impeached.

The scary part is that there is no reasoning with these people, it’s like a fever, and around here, they are even talking about Rolling Impeachments. 

That is, one Impeachment after another, and if that is not enough, they want him jailed after he leaves office.

I hear it is the same, or like that, in Israel.

Who…yes, who are these people?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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