The Eurovision was day 20 of the counting of the Omer

Eurovision...from a different perspective.

Chaya Gross

Judaism Eurovision contest
Eurovision contest

After Independence Day with the flyovers and BBQ’s we were headed for Eurovision in Israel. I understood that TA was fully booked. 

This is no small think.

This is HUGE!

On the one hand it is totally exciting and sensational,

On the other it is sefirat haomer and we believe live celebrations with music are prohibited during this time, just as weddings are, as well. 

We are mourning the very fact that 24,000 students of none other than Rabbi Akiva, the master of loving ones fellow Jew as oneself, died.

Israel's not caring about this is an indication to me that I/we are not being the exemplary example to attract others to follow in the ways of our people, each in their own style, but with respect for being blessed to return to our Land.

Now we must make this Holy Land one not only of high tech, but of integrity in every area of our lives as we are nation building, 

We must be the magnet. People that want to get here, will then find their way.

Our challenge is to build a vision that in and of itself will lead our people back to our land and our mission in this world...and to be a light unto the nations.

No coincidence that Omer Adam, one of the tribe, refused to participate and rightly so. He suggested that Shabbos had no compromises for him. Incredible light...he’s loved because he is sincere and inspiring.

We need more such Ambassadors for our nation, and they are can feel it in the air.