The world goes mad when it comes to Israel

The orgy of hatred unleashed by a video in which a Palestinian Arab is wounded in the leg and the soldier who did it is pleased with his shot, is totally insane.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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It is the “shocking video” of the “Israeli sniper” firing at a "disarmed Palestinian" and saying “Woh! What a video” that took the headlines in the past few days.  It has been the first issue in most of the European websites. But the story behind it is very different from the one told by the media. 

Those soldiers were defending the kibbutz Kissufim, which is adjacent to the border with Gaza. Not now, but last year. In 2014 a Hamas tunnel had been discovered among the houses of the Israelis living there. Last October, a few days before the events recorded in that video took place, 7 Palestinian Arab terrorists had been killed by Israel in a tunnel that led directly to Kissufim.

This is an area that has suffered many terrorist attacks and infiltrations. On the day of the video there was a violent Palestinian riot, which lasted at least two hours, with stone throwing and attempts to break and cross the security fence. The Israeli soldiers tried to disperse the clashes with verbal calls, shooting in the air and using riot gear. A single bullet was fired at the Palestinian who got too close to the fence after he was warned. He was wounded in the leg, contrary to the impression the world got of gratuitous and sadistic deadly fire. Instead, the soldiers acted according to the rules of engagement.

And even if the video was not the best way to react, I have never yet seen the newspapers that opened with the shouts of joy of Palestinian Arabs after the killing of Israelis, the candy distributed in the Gaza's streets, the streets of Ramallah named after the mass murderers of women and children. Shame.

Beat the Israeli monster on the front page, that's all.
Newspapers around the world are literally enjoying seeing Israel explaining and its reputation bleeding. No one should disturb their anti-Semitic pre-established script, not Hamas terrorists, not their guns, not their deadly slogans, not their grenades, not their human shields, not the history of an unprecedented siege among the democratic countries, that of a small country that always had the strength to preserve itself.

Beat the Israeli monster on the front page, that's all.

Look at how the media misinformation works against Israel in the world. The sequence is known: Chemical attack in Syria followed by Israeli raids against an Iranian base. But the newspapers decided to accompany the news of the Israeli strike with images of the victims of the chemical attack - better if children - next to the words "Israel" and "deadly". As if it was Israeli and not Syrian, the hand that spread the gas. Some of these headlines were then rectified and the images replaced. But this is how, in the minds of millions of people around the world, the virus of hate insinuates and corrupts their minds.

The streets of London were full of people demonstrating and shouting at Israel, the democracy that defends itself against terrorists. The same streets of London are empty as there was no one to demonstrate against Bashar al Assad, the dictator who makes a mockery of the international community using chemical weapons.

Jeremy Corbyn, the guevarian clown at the head of the Labour party, condemned Israel, demanding a review of the relationship between Jerusalem and London. A few hours later, on the same night, the Israeli army hit Hamas military posts in Gaza and bombed a Syrian base where there were Iranian targets. A country as large as New Jersey, where just 8 million people live or 0.1% of the world's population, has the security and stability of the Middle East in its hands.

If you do not like what you see today in that region - terrorist organizations wielding human remains, chlorine and nerve attacks against children, border invasions, nuclear turbines - imagine it without the presence of the State of Israel.  And if idea seems normal to  you, you are insane!