Palestinian Arabs lead easier lives than African Ethiopians

Look at the data and you will see that the "impoverished" Palestinian Arabs live better lives and get more aid than the Ethiopians do.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds Money at Gaza bank
Money at Gaza bank
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Imagine being an unfortunate Ethiopian, a citizen of a country which is an ally of the West against Islamic terrorism, a Christian country with a per capita income of $500, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Now imagine being a Palestinian, an enemy of the West in the war on Islamic terrorism, a Muslim with an average per capita income of $ 2,800.

Take the data of 2014, before the last war in Gaza. The 94 million Ethiopians received aid equalling half the amount which went to 4.2 million Palestinians. And Liberia? 4.3 million people, the same as the Palestinian Arab claims. But they only received 571 million in aid. And Kenya? 44 million but only 2.7 billion in aid.

Remember the Marshall Plan? America distributed 60 billion dollars (today's value) to the Europeans. Thus they rebuilt Europe after the Second World War. According to the World Bank, the Palestinians Arabs from West Bank and Gaza have received $ 31 billion in aid since 1994. That money ended up in a black hole and in the tunnel holes of terrorism against Israel.

But the reason for the difference is an easily explained secret: The Ethiopians do not terrorize, they do not kill, they do not blackmail, they do not fire missiles, they do not have sponsors at the UN, and thinking a bit more - they also have to pay electricity, unlike the Palestinians.

If I were an Ethiopian I would be a little angry to see Palestinian terrorists freed by Israel, enjoying the sun in a Gaza swimming pool with the media from all over the world squeaking about a “humanitarian crisis”.