That Jewish orphan in Mumbai

People must remember the beautiful Chabad couple murdered in Mumbai by Islamist terrorists.

Giulio Meotti

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נתניהו בביקורו בהודו
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The NGO Freedom House just released the world map of democracies. From Egypt to India there is only one tiny democracy: the State of Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just visited India,  the first time for an Israeli PM. The two countries – Israel and India – have much in common: these are two ancient democracies dealing with Islamic radicalism.

Netanyahu and Modi just visited a very special place where this truth was written with the blood of the six Jews.

People will remember them, those beautiful Chabad-Lubavitch Jews in the Nariman House in Mumbai. The couple were cruelly tortured before being killed by the Islamic terrorists. Rabbi Gavriel Holzberg and his wife Rivka were murdered along with four other Israelis.

Rivka was pregnant, she had lost her first child because of a genetic disease and now left little Moshe an orphan. He was two years old when he was miraculously saved by the Indian nanny Sandra.

Speaking next to the bodies of his parents, then Israeli President Shimon Peres turned to Moshe: “The world must answer why a wonderful woman like Rivka was killed, why a holy man like Gavriel was killed and why Moshe is left an orphan”.

That child has just returned to visit the Mumbai home where his parents were torn apart from each other and from him. He was smiling, alongside Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian PM Modi. His father always smiled in the photographs we have of him. His first rule was “to obey God with joy”.

Moshe said entering the house of massacre: “Shalom, bahut khushi”. I'm very happy.

The world still owes him an answer, like it does to all the other Jewish children, such as the Israeli children orphaned by Palestinian Arab terrorists and the French Jewish children orphaned by Islamic terrorists  -, all orphaned by a monstrous terrorism and a deaf world.