Fire Tzipi Hotovely!

The Deputy Foreign Minister should have known better.

Tzvi Fishman

OpEds US Ambassador Fieidman and DM Hotovely
US Ambassador Fieidman and DM Hotovely

Prime Minister Netanyahu is allegedly considering firing Deputy Foreign Minister because she stated that American Jews are, by and large, distant from Israel because they don’t understand Israeli problems and concerns. Indeed, she should be fired, but not for being too harsh on America Jewry – the opposite. She should be fired for being too soft. 

In the Pew Report published a few years ago, it was found that seventy percent of American Jews have no connection to Jewish identity. This includes the connection to Israel.

The only way the Birthright Program gets young American Jews to visit Israel is by giving away free tickets.

Out of the five million Jews in America, less than two thousand come on Aliyah each year. That’s 0.0004 percent. The Jewish Agency might as well close down. It’s a waste of money. Imagine if a hospital had a  0.0004 survival rate!

Sixty percent of American Jews have never visited Israel. These same Jews have visited Jamaica, Paris, and London, but not Israel. It’s “too Jewish.”

In the last two Presidential elections, seventy percent of American Jews voted for Obama and Clinton. “Jewish” Florida voted in a landslide majority for Hillary. We all know what a great friend Obama was to Israel! 

I spent several decades in America before making Aliyah. I still have family and friends in America. I can personally vouch that the great majority of American Jews are not only distant from Israel, they are totally unconnected. Israel is not a part of their lives. Even the modern Orthodox community in America has moved further away from Israel, in order to justify their love affair with Gentile America.

So what’s all the fuss? Why get down on Tzipi Hotovely? Why all the hysteria? She could have, and should have, spoken in far harsher terms. Because the same handful of Israel-bashing, Torah-hating, Reform Jews complained to Bibi because Tzipi Hotovely dared to say a tiny part of the truth.

Tzipi should know better. You can’t say the truth and expect to remain in a Government led by politicians who care more for their seats than for the Jewish People.