A courageous idea to stop the murders

Not an easy solution to implement, but it might work.

Leonie Ben-Simon,

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'Leonie Ben-Simon'

It takes a village to raise a child.

Children are being raised in many Arab villages to hate from birth with the ultimate aim and honour of being a shahid – a martyr - if they kill Jews.  Their schoolbooks and their media bring them up to believe this.  Their teachers, their parents and their whole villages dance and celebrate when Jews are murdered by their own teenagers. It is no accident that their young people are murdering Jews.

We live in a world where millions of people are now being forcibly relocated as an alternative to being killed.
All efforts to stop this have not worked.

The left has failed miserably in its integration efforts. Politicians are afraid of international criticism. Mixing Arab and Jewish children in kindergartens has not stopped daily murders in the streets.  Even demolishing a building or two does not have any effect as money is donated to rebuild almost immediately. There is a cost to society to imprison murderers, and their families benefit from stipends given to honour them for killing Jews. 

The worst is the human cost to bereaved families. The cost to maintain security is huge whilst the daily horror continues. 

 Resilient citizens are losing patience as murder after murder robs the Jewish people of future generations.

One solution to these murderous acts by young people and the support of their society is to raze the village of the murderers to the ground and to expel all of their residents to their brothers in Jordan, Gaza (or dare I say Syria?).  A Jewish community should immediately be built in its place.   If Israel does this a few times it will be in the interests of every single Palestinian who wants to live in Israel to discourage these murders.

This solution is not wholesale population transfer, nor is it ethnic cleansing. We live in a world where millions of people are now being forcibly relocated as an alternative to being killed.  Razing one or two villages and the expulsion of a few as a deterrent is a peaceful method of stopping the beginnings of a war in which could lead to tens of thousands of casualties with the destruction of hundreds of Arab villages. 

Israel is not and will never be part of the Caliphate.  No amount of money shovelled into the area by the enemies of Israel will turn it into Palestine, not as a part in the form of a separate state or as a whole, as many maps show, ignoring the fact that Israel is the sovereign state on that land. As the leaders of these people stuff their bank accounts with donor money and brainwash their people, the Israelis are losing patience and will have to look to the biblical dictate of “Be Strong and of Good Courage” to take the bull by the horns and solve this issue once and for all.

This may be the last opportunity to create peace for all in Israel by making an example of the murderers and those who support them, whilst enabling those who genuinely want peace to attain it. .