America in a Funk

America has a case of Obama Blues.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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The word’s out that we’re a nation of bigots. Racism is in our DNA. So says our African-American President.

I asked Mohammed if he agreed.

“Sure,” he said.

Mohammed was driving the New York cab.

A moment later he shut the bulletproof partition that separates cabbie from passenger – to protect the drivers or the passengers?

The President had said that we have been racists since the beginning of time, and that there is no cure in sight.

I might suggest that a new President would be a wonderful cure.

A few days later, speaking before Muslim leaders, the President said that Americans were bigoted not only against Blacks, but Muslims as well.

Maybe he is right. But statistics say that when it comes to hate crimes, Jews top the list by far – so far as being the victims.

We’re Number One!

Something like 70 percent of all hate crimes goes against Jews. For Muslims it’s barely 11 percent. So where’s the speech for our side?

Jewish lives matter! Hello?

Anyway, our President wants us to feel rotten about ourselves, and here is the problem – we do. Yes we do. We feel terrible. 

I have never seen America so down in the dumps. Everybody’s depressed, about this, that and everything.

Every time Obama scores another win it feels like a loss for the rest of us.

In the movie “The Wild One,” the girl asks biker Brando what he’s protesting against. Brando sneers, “Whaddaya got?”

Well, nowadays we got a bit of everything. Race riots are back and here we go hating on the very people who risk their lives to keep us safe – cops.

At the moment we’re back to fighting the Civil War all over again. Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina, was the first to take down the Confederate flag after what happened in Charleston. No one can argue with that move. Others have taken the cue and likewise dumped that symbol. Okay.

But as evidence that we’re getting more and more divided against ourselves, some people are calling for the Stars and Stripes to be dumped.

So what’s next – the National Anthem? There’s talk that “Gone With The Wind” ought to be bleached from our archives.

That’s saying our history, for better or worse, is to be brushed aside and that future generations must be raised through selective memories. 

There must be a reason why millions keep coming over here and why nobody from here jumps the fence to get into Mexico. We must be doing something right.

We saved all of Europe, didn’t we? We’re there, alongside Israel, whenever disaster strikes anywhere in the world. I guess that doesn’t count.

For sure none of this counts along our college campuses where education comes in second to rallies against America and protests against the Jewish State. Jerry Seinfeld and even Chris Rock refuse to go there because the kids and their professors have become so humorless and so addicted to political correctness. Everything you say can and will be held against you.

So forget the campus and now I am reading something that is really depressing. Never mind no-go zones. It’s worse.

We have entire cities, including New York and LA, that are unsafe because they’ve been deluged by millions who’ve infiltrated the country, mainly from Muslim hellholes. If you wonder how civilizations decay and die from within, you are watching it happen right before your very eyes.

Say what you will about Donald Trump. The man has a point. My point is that our culture is at risk.

People who don’t know Frank Sinatra don’t belong in this country. But they sure know how to vote.

The plan, I’m convinced, is to swamp America with these people, 40 million of them, which means 40 million more Democrats. Soon, the GOP will have no shot. I fear that Hillary, the most corrupt politician ever to run for the highest office, may well be a shoo-in. 

We are still a great big warm-hearted wonderful country. Somebody ought to tell Mr. Obama about this.

Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. New from the New York-based novelist, The Bathsheba Deadline, a newsroom thriller ripped from the headlines. Engelhard wrote the int’l bestseller Indecent Proposal that was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. Website: