Kofi Anan, Bigot

Kofi Anan, another aging and soon to be gone lackey, created and paid for by Arab oil-money, has less credibility than his protected idol, the murderer Yasser Arafat. For Israel to indulge any of Anan?s ludicrous and asinine hallucinations would be a grave sin against itself.

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"...An Angry UN Secretary General, Kofi Anan, rages at Israel and demands a UN sponsored inquiry into the shooting of a UN observer in Jenin?" So scream the headlines following the accidental shooting of UNWRA worker, Iain Hook in Jenin by Israeli soldiers in a firefight with terrorists hiding in the UNWRA camp. Israel's thorough internal investigation revealed that the shooting was justified since the mentioned UNWRA facility served as a sanctuary (willing or otherwise) for Palestinian snipers and killers who fought a battle with the Israeli army. Mr. Hook was an unfortunate casualty as he walked out (violating the Israeli-declared curfew) carrying a cell phone, which from a distance seemed to Israeli soldiers to be a gun.

If the above sounds like another farcical ?Jenin Massacre? investigation in the making, one can be sure, that is exactly what UN Secretary General Kofi Anan is planning. Seething even now over the collapse of his hastily thrown together 'investigative committee' (most of whose members were ardently and openly anti-Israel) to investigate the non-existent 'Jenin Massacre', Mr. Anan has latched onto this shooting in order to force another UN-mandated, hysterical 'investigation' of a 'deliberate shooting' that never was.

For the life of me, I fail to understand how the United States government allows the continuing presence on these shores of the worst entity ever to harbor, support and encourage both anti-American sentiments and the continuation of world-wide terror. The United Nations, whose establishment was designed in particular to fight the exact scourge now infecting the globe, is permitted, unhindered, to enjoy the benefits accorded to it by the US and yet it continues on its path of bigotry and lies. Every day that goes by magnifies the malaise infecting the UN in general, its representatives in particular, and UN Secretary General Kofi Anan as the most despicable of all. Although the space allotted here will never suffice to elaborate in detail Mr. Anan's long list of outrageous acts - anti-American, anti-democratic, pro-tyranny and protective of terror - since his elevation to the dubiously 'esteemed' position, the following is an attempt to somewhat unmask his true face and intentions in regard to Israel.

Israel has been designated by Kofi Anan as the proverbial and ever-present whipping boy for all that ails the Middle East. Israel's attempts, feeble as they may be, to defend its citizens against the terror unleashed by the Islamic world is met on a daily basis by Anan's condemnations and censure. While Israeli citizens in particular, and Jews in general, are accorded the back-hand of his ?sympathies? and ?concern?, his nonchalant attitude vis-?-vis the terrorism carried out against one member nation by many others, makes one fathom the extent of Anan's bigotry. Mr. Anan's never-ending attempts to curtail Israel's defense of itself begs for an outcry of disgust and outrage. As Israel buries its murdered citizens on a daily basis, the silence emanating from Anan's office seems to shatter the stillness of the UN. Perfunctory condolences issued in Anan's name to bereft Israeli families are lukewarm at best and are the worst example of cynicism.

Ever since the UNWRA established its refugee camps after the first Arab-Israeli War, those camps have been the planting and sowing fields for terrorism against Israel. Billions of dollars were spent on supposed 'rehabilitation', education and support of the refugee inhabitants of these camps. Yet, in the fifty-four years of their existence, these camps have remained in a status-quo of squalor, with UN personnel shutting their eyes to the festering and growing terrorist organizations sprouting like mushrooms. The UN personnel, raise nary a word of protest as these goons inflict terror and death on Israel. Contrary to its obligations, the United Nations steadfastly refuses to interfere in the ongoing attempted genocide of the Jews and steadily ignores Israel's protestations and complaints, and even its own professed goal - peace in the world.

In his unabashed scampering to satisfy Arab designs against Israel, Mr. Anan, sworn to uphold the UN's charter which spells out clearly the organization's duty towards its members, has completely absconded from his obligations and forged ahead in unity with Israel's enemies. Arab anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda have become Anan's bible and commandments. His untiring string of condemnations are obnoxious, ludicrous and an insult to the intelligence. His demands for an inquiry in Jenin were designed to put the UN seal of approval on Arab false allegations of an Israeli massacre. The truth be damned, the false allegations were to be substantiated, come hell or high water. Only Israel's steadfast determination not allow this mental-midget to have his way, brought about the dismantling of the ferociously biased, anti-Israel kangaroo court.

Anan's interference in Israel's defense strategy brought freedom to the bloody killers holed up in the Church of the Nativity. Every one of his 'promises' to Israel were broken before the words were out of his mouth, as Anan sees no differentiation between the murderer and his victim. Kofi Anan sees no problem in Hizbollah's military concentration on Israel's border with Lebanon, nor in their continuing provocations. Israeli soldiers were kidnaped and murdered with the participation of his personnel. The Secretary General refused to release the video of that abduction, which hindered Israel?s ability to understand what happened and why. Israel's insistence was decried by Kofi Anan as intransigence and defiance. On the other hand, the continuing massacres of innocent Israeli civilians and the Islamic battle-cry, ?Kill The Jew? doesn't warrant a single sincere word of rebuke, nor does it make Mr. Anan to lose any sleep.

And now, in the sad Iain Hook episode, Kofi Anan, whose tarnished reputation has long been totally compromised by his clearly anti-Semitic stance in support of the ugly gathering of misfits in the UN-sponsored Durban fiasco, continues to insist that Israel adhere to his bigoted, Arab-encouraged demands. Kofi Anan, another aging and soon to be gone lackey, created and paid for by Arab oil-money, has less credibility than his protected idol, the murderer Yasser Arafat. For Israel to indulge any of Anan?s ludicrous and asinine hallucinations would be a grave sin against itself.
Isaac Kohn writes from Brooklyn, New York.