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Britain Frees Salah from Prison

The radical head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement has been released from a British prison with restrictive conditions.

Britain Frees Salah from Prison

Report: Britain Arrests Salah

Embarrassed British police reportedly arrest Muslim radical cleric Ra'ad Salah after he entered the country freely and nearly spoke in parliament.

Report: Britain Belatedly Arrests Muslim Radical Salah

Bill: No Terrorists in Schools

MK Alex Miller initiates bill to limit appearances in Israeli schools of persons convicted of helping terror groups.

Proposed Bill: Stop Appearance of Terrorists in Israeli Schools

Islamist Leader Suspect in Fire

Sheikh Raed Salah of the Islamic Movement is suspected of setting fire to a forest in southern Israel, just weeks after deadly Carmel blaze.

Islamist Leader Arrested for Forest Fire Arson

Right-Wing Protest Rejected

State Prosecutor says protest in Umm al-Fahm could possibly lead to violence.

State Prosecutor Requests Court to Reject Right-Wing Protest

Violent Sheikh Enters Prison

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the extremist Islamic Movement, began his sentence for assaulting an officer. Tali Fahima demonstrated support.

Violent Sheikh Enters Prison, Tali Fahima Among Supporters

Hostile Sheikh to Prison

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the hostile Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, will begin a five-month jail sentence later this month.

Sheikh to Begin 5-Month Prison Term for Assaulting Policeman

Flotilla Sheikh Lauded in Israel

Sheikh Raed Salah gets hero's welcome after trip on Gaza flotilla. Salah claims assassination conspiracy. MK's protest release..

Flotilla Sheikh gets Hero's Welcome in Umm el-Fahm

Islamic Movement Ban from Jordan

While Israel allows the radical Islamic Movement to conduct its activities and even run for Knesset, Jordan denies access to the group's leaders.

Islamic Movement Approved in Israel, Barred by Jordan