Organ Harvesting

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ISIS fatwa on organ harvesting, rape of slaves

Newly released documents captured from jihadists include Islamic ruling allowing organs to be taken from captives, even if they die.

ISIS issues fatwa on organ harvesting, rape of slaves

Report Claims Organ Harvesting in Syria

Free Syrian Army tells Al-Arabiya that Assad's regime forces are harvesting prisoners' organs and selling them.

Report Claims Evidence of Organ Harvesting in Syria

Israelis Protest Chinese ‘Sister City’

Israelis in Rishon Letzion are planning to protest their ‘sister city’ Tianjin over reports of large-scale organ harvesting.

Israelis Protest Chinese ‘Sister City’ for Organ Harvest

MKs Back Down on China Organ Harvest Petition

MKs who signed a petition demanding that the UN investigate Chinese organ harvesting have reneged, after China complained

After China Complains, MKs Back Down on Organ Harvest Petition