Tianjin, China
Tianjin, China Israel news photo: Flash 90

Activists in the city of Rishon Letzion are planning a protest Wednesday against their Chinese “sister city,” Tianjin, over reports of widespread organ harvesting.

According to various reports more human organs are harvested in Tianjin than anywhere else in China, and possibly the world.

The demonstration is scheduled to take place outside the City Council meeting.

Protest organizers explained that they are not seeking to cut off ties with Tianjin. “That is already a personal decision for the mayor,” they said.

Instead, they said, they are seeking “to inform the mayor and members of the city council of what is happening in their sister city.”

There are ongoing protest campaigns worldwide over organ harvesting in China, where prisoners, including political prisoners, are reportedly used as organ banks for international donors. International reports have accused China of executing prisoners solely because their organs are a match for an ill person visiting the country for care.

Four years ago City Council member Sefi Rivlin attempted to cut ties with Tianjin over reports of organ harvesting. The city declined to cut ties, arguing that there was no conclusive evidence proving the accusations.