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Egypt's Churches Aflame as Brotherhood Runs Amok

Muslim Brotherhood fanatics are taking their frustrations out on Egypt's Coptic Christians, burning their churches and homes.

Egypt's Churches Aflame as Brotherhood Targets Christians

Egypt: Vice President Resigns As Death Toll Rises

El Baradei: "I cannot shoulder the responsibility for a single drop of blood."

Egypt: Vice President Resigns Amid State of Emergency

Egypt: State of Emergency Begins

As death toll continues to soar, interim government declares a state of emergency.

Egypt: Death Toll Rises as State of Emergency Begins

'Bloody Night' Expected in Egypt

As 4 government ministers resigned after mass protests in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood said it would “defend itself” from protesters

After Resignations, Threats, 'Bloody Night' Expected in Egypt

Egyptian Army Tortured Civilians During Uprising

Egypt's armed forces participated in forced disappearances, torture and killings during the 2011 uprising, a leaked report finds.

Report: Egyptian Army Tortured, Killed Civilians During Uprising

Thousands Mark Cairo's Tahrir Square Revolution

Crowds packed Tahrir Square to mark the first anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution despite cold and rain, but with little celebration.

Thousands Mark Egyptian Revolution in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Egyptian Tourism Down 30% in 2011

Egyptian tourism revenues dropped nearly 30 percent last year due to its revolutionary ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak.

Egyptian Tourism Down 30% in 2011

Mubarak Trial Resumes in Cairo

The trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resumed in Cairo, with a verdict in the case possible before the end of the month

Mubarak Trial Resumes in Cairo

Day Four in Tahrir Square Sequel

Monday was Day Four of another massive protest by the youth of Egypt as hundreds filled the streets around Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Day Four as Tahrir Square Protests Renew

Tahrir Square Reignites

In scenes reminiscent of the uprising that ousted president Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's Tahrir Square has erupted into two-days of riots.

Tahrir Square Reignites

Egypt ‘Arrests Mossad Agent’

Egyptian newspaper claims Israeli agent provocateur tried to undo the January 25 rebellion. Israel: bogus report.

Report: Egypt Arrests Mossad Agent 'Ilan Goren'

Death for Mubarak Regime Cop

A provisional government court in Cairo has handed down its first death sentence - to a Mubarak-regime policeman who gunned down protesters.

Mubarak Regime Cop Sentenced to Death for Killing Protesters

Egypt Gets Rid of 'Mubarak'

Egyptian court rules that Mubarak family name should come off of many streets, buildings, and the like. “Time to move on,” lawyer says.

Egypt Taking 'Mubarak' Off Buildings, Streets

Mubarak Takes Sick during Probe

Mubarak was hospitalized Tuesday for a heart attack while he was being questioned for alleged corruption. Protestors: He is a butcher.

Mubarak Hospitalized During Questioning on Corruption

Bahrain Cracks Down, More Unrest

Bahrain has cracked down on growing unrest, arresting six opposition leaders. Six people have died in the violence.

Bahrain Cracks Down as Region Continues to Roil

Video: The Egyptian Revolution

US-born Tel Aviv resident Samuel Vengrinovich paid his way to Egypt for the one-week anniversary of the uprising. He was arrested several times.

Eyewitness Video: Experiencing the Egyptian Revolution

Violence Continues in Cairo

Violence continues in Cairo's Tahrir Square as protesters are attacked amid complaints about police corruption.

Violence Continues in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Egypt's 'Million Women' 1,000

A Million Woman March held in Cairo on Tuesday never topped more than 1,000, and ended with two groups shouting at each other.

Egyptian 'Million Woman March' Flattens at 1,000

Copts Killed by Muslims in Cairo

Thirteen people were killed Tuesday in a clashes between Muslims and Christian Copts in Cairo, and at least 140 others were wounded.

13 Christians Killed in Clashes with Muslims in Cairo

Swords Slash Egyptian Protesters

Plainclothes security forces in Egypt slashed protesters with swords and attacked them with firebombs as demands grow for political reform.

Egyptian Security Forces Attack Protesters with Swords

Oprah Winfrey Won't Go to Egypt

Popular television talk show host Oprah Winfrey denies she will take her show on the road to Egypt's Tahrir Square.

Oprah Winfrey Denies Report She'll Take Her Show to Egypt

New Government in Egypt

Egypt's new prime minister took office Friday and a new interior minister began Sunday, but mobs are still protesting and the nation is not stable.

New Government in Egypt, Former Minister Indicted

U.S. Senators Tour Tahrir Square

Two U.S. senators toured Egypt's Tahrir Square Sunday, one month after riots there forced President Hosni Mubarak's resignation.

U.S. Senators Tour Egypt's Tahrir Square

Mubarak Banned from Fleeing

The military regime in Egypt has banned deposed President Mubarak from leaving and has frozen his assets. His family faces criminal charges.

Mubarak Banned from Fleeing Egypt, Assets Frozen

Egypt Military Beats Protesters

Egyptian military police beat protesters camped outside government offices overnight Friday but apologized for the violence hours later.

Egyptian Military Beats Protesters in Cairo

Egypt Moves toward Democracy?

Egypt's temporary leaders reach out to public by taking more steps toward democracy.

Egypt: Military Rulers Move toward Democracy

Russia: Can It Happen Here?

Some Russians are drawing comparisons between the revolts in the Arab world and their situation.

Russia Reacts to Development in the Mediterranean

Mideast Protests Continue

Demonstrations continue in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen. Bahrain claims Hizbullah involvement, allows return to main square. 80 dead in Libya.

Bloody Day in Libya but Bahrain Permits Retaking of Main Square

Media Regrets Supporting Mubarak

Government media in Egypt, which supported Mubarak during revolution, now supports the people. One paper issued an apology this week.

Egyptian Media Outlets Regret Supporting Mubarak

Anarchy in Sinai Peninsula

Reports from Egypt: militants are controlling the streets of the Sinai Peninsula and attacking police officers. Military trying to gain control.

Reports: Anarchy in Sinai Peninsula

Egypt: Army Dissolves Parliament

Egypt's military has dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution, military leaders promise to be out in six months.

Egyptian Army Dissolves Parliament

Exodus from Egypt to Israel

Twelve more US students have joined the growing exodus to Israel, six other students fled last week for a safe haven from Egyptian riots.

US Students Join Exodus from Egypt to Israel

Protesters Challenge Cairo Army

Mubarak is gone, but the revolution remains, at least for now. Protesters clashed with soldiers, who cleared most of them from Tahrir Square.

Protesters Clash with Egyptian Military Regime

Arab Leaders may Prolong Poverty

Arab leaders try to counter protests with financial incentives, experts warn the “buyoffs” may cause long-term poverty and instability.

Experts Warn: Arab Protest Buyoffs may Prolong Poverty

Mubarak Out, Army Takes Control

Military leaders promise to keep international treaties, including peace deal with Israel, and say they will step aside after elections.

Mubarak Out, Egypt's Army Takes Control

Mubarak's Fortune Secure

If Egypt's Mubarak is forced from power, he will have a fortune in foreign investments to fall back on, analysts say.

Mubarak's Fortune Secure if Ouster Succeeds

Arab TV Says Mubarak Has Left

Al-Arabiya TV claims Mubarak arrived in Red Sea resort where he has a home.The army tells demonstrators to go home.

Al-Arabiya TV Reports Mubarak and Family Flew to Sharm el-Sheikh

Mubarak Says He's Staying

The mood turned ugly in Cairo as Egyptians heard President Hosni Mubarak say that he would not leave until the September elections.

Celebration Turns Ugly: Egypt's Mubarak Says He's Staying

Mubarak Out, Revolution Begins?

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak is to step down, leaving the country in the hands of the military. A Revolution may have begun.

Egypt's Mubarak is Out, Revolution Begins?

3 Dead in South Egypt Riots

Clashes in Cairo’s Tahrir Square have entered their 16th day, as demonstrators continue to call for the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

3 Dead, 100 Injured as Egypt Enters 16th Day of Unrest