Donald Trump
Donald TrumpREUTERS

Former US President Donald Trump on Tuesday night called on his followers to watch the film, "Screams Before Silence," which deals with the sexual crimes of Hamas on October 7.

"The Documentary, “Screams Before Silence,” is incredibly difficult to watch because, sadly, it graphically portrays the Death and Destruction that Hamas has unleashed," Trump wrote on Truth Social.

"I urge people to support the Documentary and watch, if able. We demand that all Hostages taken October 7th from Israel, and being held in Gaza, be released immediately, including eight Americans, and Citizens from over twenty other Countries, so that the war can come to an end. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!" he concluded.

The film was made as a nonprofit project by Joey Low, and released for free in multiple languages and on various platforms, including YouTube. Low explained the decision: "Let people see how evil Hamas is. We know it here, but around the world the media is doing a really good job of suppressing it. We have to stand up and show the world who Hamas is."