Dr. Joe Frager spoke at a recent special Israel Heritage Foundation event in honor of Israel and Jerusalem organized with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News.

“We saw what Hamas did to our people. It's up to God to help us be victorious, but we have to do our part, Doing what we can in America. Everyone should immigrate to Israel, but at the same time, we realize that had it not been for us here, those supplies wouldn't be in Israel's hands. It's a joint effort that must continue.”

He went on to thank numerous individuals and families that have made significant achievements in pro-Israel lobbying. “You have everything to be proud of, everything to fight for, and we're going to be victorious, and get each and every hostage back. We just have to keep doing these dinners, these events, these trips to Israel.”

“We are going to show the world that we are the greatest people that God ever created. He has chosen us for this special mission, to fix all the falsehoods and insanity that the world has perpetrated.”