Danny Danon and Nikki Haley
Danny Danon and Nikki HaleyCourtesy

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley landed Sunday in Israel for a solidarity visit.

At the airport, Haley was warmly welcomed by MK Danny Danon, also a former ambassador to the United Nations.

During her visit, Haley will visit Israel's North and South.

Ambassador Haley's visit will include:

  • High level meetings with heads of state and the security establishment
  • Engagements with survivors and returned hostages
  • Briefings from top security personnel
  • Briefings from leading military officials
  • Visit to the South and North of Israel, with in-depth security assessments

Danon, who previously served as Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations alongside Ambassador Haley, will accompany her during her stay, providing firsthand insights into the challenges facing the region.

During an initial private meeting, MK Danon shared an update on the current situation in Israel in light of the recent missiles from the South. Later this week, they are expected to visit Israel's Southern communities together.