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The plans for the annual Hilula celebration at the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess in Tiberias were approved, even while the Hezbollah terrorist organization's attacks on northern Israel continue.

After receiving approval from the Home Front Command, a meeting was held today (Wednesday) at the Israel Police at which final approval was given.

Senior officials from the Religious Services Ministry took part in the meeting, led by Minister Michael Malkieli and the Ministry's Director-General Yehuda Avidan, alongside the Ministry's Deputy Director and Head of the Hillula Headquarters, Tzuri Porat, and Senior Division Director of the Religious Services Ministry Yaakov Cohen.

Minister Malkieli said, "Budgeting for the Hilula of the sage Rabbi Meir Ball HaNess was possible thanks to the work of the chairman of the Shas movement, Rabbi Aryeh Deri, who invested considerable efforts to get the government's approval. The Religious Services Ministry works in full cooperation with the Tiberias Police and operates in accordance with the directives of the Home Front Command."

The minister thanked the police for their assistance and congratulated the district area commander, Ran Levy, upon the assumption of his new office.

Ministry Director-General Yehuda Avidan said that "It is an enormous privilege that the masses of Israel will come to pray at the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, especially in these days, when we need a great salvation. A special prayer area will be allocated for the families of the hostages in the hope that by then they will be released safely." Avidan called on celebrants to obey the instructions of the police and the authorities.

The plans approved at the meeting include, among other things, the allocation of extensive parking areas, the regulation of arrival and evacuation routes, the placement of medical aid stations, and the provision of an adequate security response.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the Hilula.