The Iranian Foriegn Minister
The Iranian Foriegn MinisterReuters

The Iranian Islamic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a new set of sanctions on Thursday against five US entities and seven American citizens for their connections with the State of Israel.

The Foreign Ministry wrote in a statement that the entities and individuals will be sanctioned for their connection with the "Zionist regime of Israel’s terrorist acts glorification and supporting terrorism and gross violations of human rights against the Palestinian people and in particular people of Gaza strip."

According to the statement, the institutions that will be sanctioned are: The Lockheed Martin Corporation, "due to its involvement in supplying weaponry to Israeli regime (sic)."

The General Dynamics "due to supplying 155 mm bullet (sic) to the Israeli regime."

The Skydio Engineering Company, "due to the provision of drones to the Israeli regime;

The Chevron Corporation for "assisting the Israeli regime in the exploitation of gas wells in the eastern Mediterranean. The revenue of this exploitation is being used by the regime to launch the offensive against the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza strip."

The Kharon Company, "due to its role in sanctioning Hamas by the United States Department of Treasury and its endeavor to cut off Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s access to the network for transfer of cryptocurrency under the pretext of money laundering."

In addition, the Islamic Republic will be imposing sanctions on seven individuals: Jason Greenblatt, former advisor to former President Donald Trump on the Middle East, Michael Rubin, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Jason Brodsky, the policy director of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), Clifford D. May, the founder and president of FDD, Bryan P. Fenton, the 13th commander of the United States Special Operations Command, Brad Cooper the Commander of the US Naval Forces Central Command/ Fifth Fleet, and Gregory J. Hayes, the CEO of the RTX Corporation.

As the reason for its decision the Iranian Foreign Ministry cited Iran's "conformity with its human rights obligations and obligations in combating terrorism and countering terrorism financing, in particular, terrorism perpetrated by the United States, imposes the sanctions on the said persons and institutions."

Jason Greenblatt commented on the sanctions against him, lightheartedly stating: "Mazel Tov & تبریک می گویم (Tabrik Mi Guyam- congratulations in Farsi) to me for being sanctioned by the murderous, Iranian regime. Impressed that I came in 1st place (a rarity for me!). I'm proud of the work I do standing up for Israel, our Arab Gulf allies, and yes, Palestinians who seek a realistic peace deal with Israel (which is now more distant than ever). I'm delighted to see the work I do is upsetting the Iranian regime enough to sanction me."