“Real Time” host Bill Maher warned that a "Rubicon" had been crossed after “Death to America” was chanted at an Al Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Michigan earlier this month.

“Can I talk about American propaganda? Because there was a rally in Dearborn, Michigan, it’s a large Muslim population, chants of ‘Death to America.’ I feel like we’ve passed something here,” Maher said during his show's 'Overtime' segment on Friday.

“The left has gotten mad at me for many years for talking about Islam. I try not to do it too much because I know it makes them go crazy, and I’ve made my point. But it needs to be talked about now. When you start chanting ‘Death to America’ in America,” he said.

Maher read the statements of activist Tarek Bazzi, who said at the rally, “Imam Khomeini, who declared International Al Quds Day, this is why he would say to pour all of your chants and all of your shouts upon the head of America."

He’s the good guy now?” Maher asked, referring to Khomeini.

“I’ve heard this before. Not coming from America, Maher said, "but now it’s coming from inside America? Sorry. Got to talk about this again."

Maher posted a video of the segment on his X account, with the caption, "We've passed the Rubicon with chants of "death to America" on American soil."