Ismail Haniyeh's sister is arrested earlier this month
Ismail Haniyeh's sister is arrested earlier this monthPolice Spokesperson

The police on Wednesday submitted a plaintiff's statement in which it asks to extend the detention of Sabah Haniyeh, the sister of senior Hamas leader Ismail who was arrested earlier in the month, until the end of the legal process.

The police noted that the request was submitted after an investigation that was launched in light of general ISA intelligence and without initial evidence.

During the investigation led by the Southern District Central Unit, the investigators managed to build an evidential basis against her.

During Haniyeh's arrest, law enforcement seized about a million NIS in cash, a gold bar, and other items. In the meantime, a financial investigation was opened which will also target other family members who were involved.

In addition, the arch-terrorist's sister's social security pension has been denied and she will even be fined retroactively.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir commented: "I praise the Southern District, led by District Commander Deputy Commissioner Amir Cohen, which works around the clock to stop crime and to increase governance. There's no doubt that the plaintiff's statement submitted today against the sister of the Nazi arch-terrorist Ismail Haniyeh is another important step for personal security in the Negev. I will continue to lead a strong policy and a heavy hand in the Negev until the governance in the area is restored."