Following intelligence and operational activity by the Central Unit of the Border Police in southern Israel, together with the Border Police Tactical Unit, the investigation into the trafficking of illegal infiltrators over the eastern security fence has come to a close, and four suspects have been indicted.

Approximately a week ago, using ladders and ropes, three of the indictees crossed the fence into pre-1967 Israeli territory illegally.

An additional indictee arrived at the area in his vehicle and allowed the three illegal indictees and seven additional suspects, illegal infiltrators as well, to enter the vehicle.

Officers from the Central Unit of the Border Police South and the officers from the Tactical Unit began pursuing the vehicle, and as the indictee behind the wheel attempted to flee he collided with an off-duty police officer.

When the vehicle stopped, the forces apprehended the suspects who were taken for questioning.

On Sunday, indictments were submitted against three suspects, illegal infiltrators from Judea and Samaria. In addition, an indictment was submitted against the driver of the vehicle, a resident of southern Israel.