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Jewish students and organizations filed a lawsuit yesterday (Wednesday) against Columbia University and Barnard University, accusing the schools of civil rights violations through allowing "rampant antisemitism” to spread on campus since the Hamas massacre of October 7.

The lawsuit was filed by five students at the universities and the Students Against Antisemitism and StandWithUs Center for Legal Justice organizations under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and New York State law.

The lawsuit states, “Columbia, one of America’s leading universities, has for decades been one of the worst centers of academic antisemitism in the United States."

“Since October 7, 2023, when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and slaughtered, tortured, raped, burned, and mutilated 1,200 people — including infants, children, and the elderly — antisemitism at Columbia has been particularly severe and pervasive.”

The announcement of the lawsuit states that "Columbia and Barnard’s Jewish and Israeli students have been physically assaulted, spat at, threatened, and subjected to relentless intimidation and vilification."

The schools are also accused of a "double standard" in which "Jewish students are deemed unworthy of the protections afforded to non-Jewish students."

Columbia is one of several American universities under investigation as part of a House Education and Workforce Committee probe on campus antisemitism.

Earlier this month, antisemitic flyers showing a skunk emblazoned with the Israeli flag were posted on the campus of Columbia University.

A week before that, Israeli firearms model Orin Julie and fashion model Natali Dadon were accosted at the University of Columbia by one of the central figures of the anti-Israel protests on campus.

Amid the antisemitism on campus, Columbia University's administration shut down a December discussion by the pro-Palestinian Arab student group "Columbia Social Workers 4 Palestine" after it was discovered that the discussion aimed to justify Hamas' October 7 massacre of Israeli civilians.

The lawsuit against Columbia and Barnard comes a month after six Jewish students filed a lawsuit against Harvard University for allowing an environment of rampant antisemitism to fest on the Harvard campus.