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Antisemitic flyers showing a skunk emblazoned with the Israeli flag have been posted on the campus of Columbia University in New York, the New York Post reported.

The flyers read: “Beware! Skunk on Campus. Brought to you in collaboration by Columbia University and the IDF."

The Anti-Defamation League for New York and New Jersey wrote on X (formerly Twitter), "We are appalled to see a flier on@Columbia's campus comparing Israel and Israelis to skunks. This does nothing to further peace. It only villainizes Jewish and Israeli students on campus and fosters an increasingly hostile environment. The Columbia administration should call out this rhetoric immediately."

Director of programming and strategy at the End Jew Hatred organization Michelle Ahdoot told the Post, “That skunk poster evokes classic antisemitic tropes that are instantly familiar to anyone who has seen Nazi propaganda."

The antisemitic poster was first reported by Assistant Professor at Columbia’s Business School Shai Davidai, who wrote, "This poster seen today on campus depicts all Israelis as skunks. If any other group was depicted as animals, the school would have already called the @FBI to investigate. What's next? All Jews are vermin? @Columbia University - What the f- are you waiting for?"

A university spokesperson told the Post that the flyers were “abhorrent and antisemitic” and that a report was filed in line with Columbia's anti-discrimination policies.

Last week, Israeli firearms model Orin Julie and fashion model Natali Dadon were accosted at the University of Columbia by one of the central figures of the anti-Israel protests on campus.

Protesters yelled out to the models as Julie walked by with an Israeli flag, saying “You f---ing baby murderers” and “Nothing justifies a genocide!”

Dadon shouted back “If you care about the children in Gaza, you should be protesting against Hamas! They are the ones killing them! You are brainwashed, you’re blind!”

In December, Columbia University's administration shut down a pro-Palestinian Arab student group's planned discussion that aimed to justify Hamas' October 7 massacre of Israeli civilians.

Columbia University announced in November it was suspending the pro-Palestinian Arab groups Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace through the end of the fall term, cutting off the groups’ University funding and eligibility to hold on-campus events.