I sat down to chat with Daniel Finkelman who is in Israel right now and is excited to share about his latest project, a series based on the events of October 7th.

As we talk, Daniel reflects on his own journey as a filmmaker and how his experiences have shaped his storytelling. He is also a proud jew and is not scared to show it, like he did at the film festival in Rome where he waved a big Israel flag on the red carpet in front of all the cameras. He is constantly inspired by the resilience and strength of the human spirit, and he strives to capture that in his work.

Daniel Finkelman is a prolific director and producer. He is the founder of SparksNext, a boutique production house based in Brooklyn, New York, and has produced and directed almost 100 features, shorts, Music Videos, documentaries, and commercials for corporate clients.

Daniel's dedication to producing high-quality content across a range of mediums, from features to music videos to commercials, is truly commendable.

His success in receiving industry recognition at prestigious festivals like Sundance, Berlinale, and Toronto Film Festival speaks volumes about his talent and vision as a director and producer. The fact that his work can be found on platforms like Netflix further highlights the impact and reach of his projects.

The upcoming period drama "The Performance" sounds like another exciting venture for Daniel, and the involvement of acclaimed actors like Jeremy Piven and Robert Carlyle only adds to the anticipation surrounding its release. Daniel is currently working on "Tin Soldier", a thriller starring Robert De Niro, Jamie Foxx, and Scott Eastwood. It's clear that Daniel's commitment to authenticity and quality has driven him to explore locations all over the world, ensuring that each project captures the essence of its setting in a compelling way. His collaboration with major artists in the Jewish music industry also showcases his versatility and ability to work across different genres.

Overall, Daniel Finkelman is undoubtedly making a significant mark in the world of cinematography and film production, and I look forward to seeing the continued success of his future ventures.