Defense Minister Yoav Galant during the visit
Defense Minister Yoav Galant during the visitAriel Hermoni, Ministry of Defense

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant visited the IDF’s Document and Technical Means Collection Unit (Amshat), at one of the Intelligence Directorate’s bases in central Israel. The Minister was briefed on the latest findings gathered by troops in Gaza.

Minister Gallant toured the various departments involved in sorting the materials and transferring their analysis and findings to the units operating in the Gaza Strip.

“Our troops are uncovering unbelievable findings. There are enormous volumes of material here on computers and paper. This information flows in, is decoded here by the IDF and ISA’s top experts, and then the relevant information is relayed back to our forces on the field, informing them in their operations,” Gallant stated.

“The forces are dismantling targets according to Hamas' own instructions. We are learning some other things that are very, very interesting.

“One of the issues we are learning about is the extent of the flow of Iranian funds to Hamas in Gaza. There is clear evidence of funds that were transferred when they arrived, and to whom they were transferred. And of course, what we see is that Yahya Sinwar takes care of himself first and foremost," he explained.

According to the Defense Minister, "Out of millions of dollars, one million goes to him [Sinwar]. Out of tens of millions - he puts what he needs into his pocket. Take for example this envelope specially designated to Yahya Sinwar and his family – it contains cash - twenty thousand dollars. Hamas is fighting and conducting terrorism, while Yahya Sinwar is celebrating with his family. This is going to end. Yahya Sinwar turned from the leader of a terrorist organization into a fugitive."