Russian soldiers, archive
Russian soldiers, archiveiStock

British intelligence has published a report on estimated Russian casualties in the Ukraine war.

According to the report, in the last year, there were three hundred killed or injured Russian soldiers per day, which indicates a significant drop in the Russian army's quality.

The report also estimates that the Russian army will need between ten to fifteen years to replenish its military to the level it was at before the invasion of Ukraine.

The British Defense Minister, Grant Shapps, commented on the report, saying that it is similar to the Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan, in which seventy thousand Soviet soldiers died.

"In Putin's pointless war, if casualties continue at the current rate through the next year, by 2025 Russia will have sustained over half-a-million personnel killed & wounded over 3 years of war," he wrote on X.

On Friday, Russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine that caused a number of civilian deaths and the injury of at least 100 people.

Western analysts estimate that Russia has recently reduced its drone attacks on Ukraine, apparently hoping to save the drones for a more broad assault in the middle of the winter to demoralize Ukrainian troops.