Although this interview was taped before October 7th we have decided to release it now.

Michal Oshman's interview and book provide a unique perspective on dealing with anxiety and fear, especially in the context of the ongoing war in Israel. Her personal journey, from exposure to violence and abuse to finding peace through various spiritual paths and ultimately embracing her own heritage and the study of Chassidut and Tanya, adds a compelling layer to her story.

The timing of the release, in light of the current situation, suggests that the insights and experiences Michal shares in her book may resonate with many who are grappling with similar emotions during these challenging times. It's interesting to note her professional background in tech leadership and her role at TikTok Europe, as this could add an additional dimension to the discussion, perhaps exploring how principles of culture, diversity, and inclusion intersect with personal well-being.

Overall, Michal Oshman's journey seems to be one of self-discovery, resilience, and finding strength in her cultural and spiritual roots. Her book could potentially offer valuable guidance and inspiration to others facing similar struggles, providing a source of hope and a roadmap for navigating through difficult times.