some of the weapons found at Al-Azhar University
some of the weapons found at Al-Azhar UniversityIDF Spokesperson

Yesterday (Thursday), IDF troops struck compounds containing terror infrastructure used for Hamas’ military activity in the Al-Azhar University located in Rimal in the Gaza Strip.

Within the university campus, IDF troops located terror infrastructure, including an underground tunnel that ran from the university's yard and continued to a school one kilometer away. Furthermore, numerous weapons, including explosive devices, rocket parts, launchers, explosive device detonation systems, and several technological assets were located and taken for an intelligence analysis and investigation.

The findings show that Hamas exploited the university's building for attacks against our forces.

IDF troops conducted a targeted raid on a Hamas observation control room in the area of the Shati Hospital, where 200 communication devices and dozens of cameras were located. In the area of the Hamas observation control room, an operational tunnel shaft, magazines, grenades, a sniper post, military equipment, and firing holes were also located.