David Barnea
David BarneaAriel Hermoni (IMoD)

Mossad director David Barnea has recalled the Mossad team from Qatar due to a collapse in negotiations with Hamas.

A statement from the Prime Minister's Office read: "Hamas has not fulfilled its part of the deal, which included the release of all woman and children on a list it received and approved."

According to a source involved in the procedure, the team was recalled after it was clarified, with finality, that Hamas did not intend to release the women and children it still holds. An Israeli source added, "We are continuing to fight with all our strength."

Israel is demanding that Hamas fulfill its previous commitment to release all women and children in exchange for releasing women and children being held as security prisoners in Israel. According to the IDF, there are 17 women and children in Hamas captivity, and only after they are returned will Israel be willing to discuss further exchanges that may include the release of grown men, in exchange for adult security prisoners and then for soldiers.

Despite the collapse of negotiations, Barnea thanked CIA director William Burns, the director of Egyptian intelligence, and the Prime Minister of Qatar for "exceptional attempt at mediation to free 84 Israelis and 24 foreign captives."