Young Jewish Women
Young Jewish Womenp r.

In the midst of ongoing conflicts in Israel, a lesser-known threat has emerged—Jewish women and girls being ensnared into marriages with Arab men. The perilous situation they face has prompted an urgent campaign aimed at securing safehouses to rescue and protect these vulnerable individuals.

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The IDF handles external threats, but internal dangers persist when Jewish girls venture into secular universities or public spaces, where they encounter Arab men who aim to lure them into relationships. Tragically, many fall prey to their tactics, leading to entrapment in abusive situations within Arab villages.

One prominent organization, Chemla, operating in Israel under the guidance of Rebbitzen Rachel Baranes, has been at the forefront of rescuing Jewish women from such coercive marriages for over twenty-five years. Chemla is backed by a very prominent figure in Israel named Bentzi Gopstein, founder of Lehava. Their primary goal is to retrieve these victims and provide a path back to their Jewish roots and community.

Upon rescue, these women undergo comprehensive rehabilitation, encompassing emotional support, physical care, and spiritual nurturing. Rebbitzen Baranes ensures they receive essentials such as food, clothing, shelter, counseling, and security. Additionally, a structured program fosters their confidence and spiritual well-being, treating each rescued individual as part of an encompassing, supportive family.

However, with the escalation of conflict since October 7th, the number of distress calls from victims has surged significantly. To accommodate this growing demand, funds are being raised to establish additional safe houses. These havens offer a haven where victims can find both physical safety and the opportunity to commence their recovery journey.

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The initiative invites direct involvement from concerned individuals seeking to make a profound impact on the lives of these victims. Contributions not only provide crucial resources but also offer the invaluable merit of granting freedom and guiding these individuals back to the Torah-centric world they once knew.

This urgent campaign underscores the critical need for immediate action to safeguard the lives of Jewish women and girls at risk of falling prey to coercive marriages, emphasizing the importance of solidarity within the community to protect its vulnerable members.