Rabbi Assi Spiegel, from Chabad of Israel, visited the Arutz Sheva studio to discuss his recent trip to America with families of individuals kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. In a remarkable initiative, Chabad chartered a plane over a week ago to bring this large group, deeply affected by pain, to the Ohel of the Rebbe, the Lubavitcher Rebbe's resting place in Queens, for prayers.

Rabbi Spiegel emphasized that Chabad's project was solely aimed at helping, providing hope, and offering love and support to those in need. Chabad, he explained, has no political agenda and is not aligned with any government side; it was an act driven by pure love, echoing the principles of the Rebbe.

Following their visit to the Ohel, the group proceeded to Washington. There, they were received in Congress by politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties. In a rare display of unity, these politicians came together to listen to the pleas for help from the affected families, showing support and conveying a powerful message to the world about the strength of the Jewish nation and the significance of bringing the kidnapped individuals back to their homes in Israel.

I was deeply moved by the profound impact of Rabbi Spiegel's words and the intricate behind-the-scenes preparations for such a significant project. It highlights our identity as a nation of strength, emphasizing the need to shed light and raise awareness globally. In the face of dark forces seeking destruction, it becomes crucial to open the eyes of the world to our collective resilience.

The Rebbe serves as the guiding light for Chabad and, in a broader sense, for the world as it anticipates the arrival of Moshiach. The initiative undertaken by Chabad reflects a commitment to embodying the Rebbe's teachings and principles, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration in challenging times. May all the kidnapped return safely to their homes as soon as possible. Amen