Yoav Gallant
Yoav GallantElad Malka

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant called a press conference on Tuesday in which he commented on the fighting in Gaza, a month after the outbreak of the war.

"Yahya Sinwar is now hiding in a bunker. He is cut off from his surroundings. The chain of command is eroding," Gallant said.

He also added, "Gaza is the biggest terror base ever built."

"Recently, the words ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ have been heard. For me, a humanitarian ceasefire is first of all the hostages in Gaza. There will be no truce without the return of hostages."

"The pressures on us will increase, difficult decisions will be required. For me, it is impossible to stop the fighting until its goals are reached. There is no going back, there is no stopping - only going forward."

Gallant later added, "The IDF troops are carrying out a determined and strong defense on the northern border as well. We are ready for whatever it takes."

Earlier, Minister Benny Gantz also made a statement to the media and said, "I promise that we will do everything to bring the hostages home - by force or by diplomatic activity."

He also said, "We are in a multi-arena war, Metula is the same as Tel Aviv which is the same as Kfar Aza. I also promise the residents of the north, you will be able to live in your homes with security and hope. There will be time for demonstrations, discussions, investigations - about everything. Now is the time to fight and win."

"Israeli society is inspiring in its power. We see haredim who enlist to serve and help across the board. Arabs who volunteer and save the lives of their Jewish brothers, and vice versa. Religious and secular who go out to fight and help on the home front. Druze, whose lifelong alliance with us only gets tighter the more difficult things become."