Arutz Sheva - Israel National News joined Eran Casher, a first responder in the town of Netiv HaAsara in southern Israel, as he spoke with a group of MKs and ambassadors who came to visit the terror-stricken communities about the emotions filling his community in the wake of the Hamas invasion.

"It doesn't matter how much land we give them," he says. "We took out our people, we gave them land, we gave thousands of them jobs, people ruled by Hamas, and tried to help them have better lives. I hope this helps people better understand what we're facing. I knew it all the way, I never believed in it for a single second. It is hard to see those who still had hope crack, but now we can see what we're facing, and we need to see how we will rise up from it."

Casher warns the visitors that this will not stop in Israel: "I don't know where you're coming from, but if you think it's only happening because it's us, you're wrong. You guys are next, so you'd better wake up."

"We have our own thing, we're trying to deal in a Western way in a Middle Eastern environment. We need to wake up as well and understand that it is not only the language that is different but the environment. What I'm doing as a Western man - they don't see it the same way. There is a different mentality, a different way to do things."