'Tent City' protests
'Tent City' protestsKaplan Protests

Demonstrators against the legal reform kicked off their "Day of Disruption" events this morning (Tuesday) following cancellation of the reasonableness cause in its first reading in the Knesset last night.

About 30 protestors set up a "tent city" at the HaSira Intersection in Herzliya, burned tires, lit flares, and blocked vehicle before police arrived at the scene.

After about an hour, the interchange reopened to traffic.

In another event, dozens of protesters hung a huge banner near the Karkur intersection that read: "No entry to dictatorship." This caused a major traffic jam in the area.

Protests at Ben Gurion
Protests at Ben GurionMichelle Baunstein

As part of the protests, demonstrations will be held today in hundreds of locations nationwide and many traffic disruptions are expected.

The main protests are scheduled for 4 pm at Ben Gurion Airport.

מפגינים חוסמים את כביש החוך
מפגינים חוסמים את כביש החוךצילום: ליאון ברוקשטיין, מחאת קפלן

At 6:30 pm there will be demonstrations in front of the President's Residence as well as the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Starting at 8 pm, demonstrations are expected in numerous locations, including a march along Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv.