President Herzog visits Yaniv family
President Herzog visits Yaniv familyYossi Cohen

President Isaac Herzog arrived this afternoon (Tuesday), together with Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan, at the home of the Yaniv family, who are sitting shiva for their sons Hillel and Yagel, who were murdered in a terrorist shooting attack near the Arab community of Huwara in Samaria on Sunday.

The parents, Esti and Shalom Yaniv, told the President of their sons and their love for the people and land of Israel.

President Herzog praised the bereaved parents for the message of national unity they conveyed during the funeral of their sons yesterday.

“People, we are brothers,” Esti Yaniv said on Monday. “We love the country, we love the army and we want security. The army is everyone’s and we shouldn’t use it for anything political.”

The President told them: "You set an example whose power is hard to describe, what you project to the people of Israel. That's the only way we will win."

Turning to Esti, he said: "The messages you sent about unity are so significant during these days. Perhaps they will help calm the people of Israel and bring about the unity we have long-awaited."

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan told the President: "These days, the entire nation of Israel has witnessed these heroic people, Rabbi Shalom and Esti, in the midst of all this sorrow. Unfortunately, we have endured quite a few serious attacks, and we, as you said, will strengthen and be together with them, and from their strength we will be strengthened in the building of the country. [We must] build more settlements in Har Bracha and all of Samaria. Together with them we will provide the civilian response to terrorism and we will build Samaria."