Rabbi Pinto in Antwerp
Rabbi Pinto in AntwerpDavid Cohen

The Jewish communities in Antwerp, Belgium, welcomed Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who came to support the city's Jewish community. The rabbi was accompanied by his son and heir Rabbi Yoel Moshe Pinto.

Rabbi pinto stayed in Antwerp for approximately a day, during which he gave seven Torah and ethics classes and met with the senior rabbis of the city. During the open visiting hours which were held, thousands passed through to receive the rabbi's blessing and advice.

The Jewish community of Antwerp is made up of a rich and diverse mosaic of Jews, Hassidic communities together with Lithuanian [non-Hasidic haredi] communities, and Chabad Hasidim together with Jews from the east and the Caucasus.

A special moment during Rabbi Pinto's trip occurred when the Pshevorsk grand rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Leibish Leizer, invited Rabbi Pinto to his home where the to met and spoke for a long time about Torah, Hassidism, and current events.

Beforehand, Rabbi Pinto met with Rabbi Aharon Schiff, the leader of the Machzikai Hadat community in Antwerp.

The rabbis discussed Halacha and study and spoke of the Abuhatzeira and Pinto family lines' connection with the Hasidic masters. In addition, Rabbi Pinto met with Judge Rabbi Pinchas Leibish Padwa, leader of the Shomrai Dat community.

From Belgium, Rabbi Pinto traveled to his home in Rabat, Morocco where he spent Shabbat with a large crowd that came from Israel, London, Paris, and the United States to spend Shabbat with him and listen to his classes.