Rabbi Pinto with Foreign Minister Eli Cohen
Rabbi Pinto with Foreign Minister Eli CohenHaim Buzaglo

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto met with senior members of the Israeli government, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and Foreign Minister Eli Cohen on Tuesday. The meetings were part of a short visit by Rabbi Pinto to Israel to attend the engagement celebration for his brother, Rabbi Menachem Pinto’s daughter, in Jerusalem.

There is a unique bond between Rabbi Pinto and his brother Rabbi Menachem. Besides being his brother, Rabbi Menachem assisted and assists Rabbi Pinto with everything concerning the Shuva Israel institutions and personal matters and has served as his right hand in recent years.

During his short visit, Rabbi Pinto taught several classes, which were broadcasted live on social media and select websites.

As mentioned, ahead of the engagement party, Rabbi Pinto met with Defense Minister Gallant and gave him his warm blessings. “G-d chose you as his messenger to protect the nation of Israel and to guard against it from the many internal and external enemies. You are special. You dedicated your entire lives to the people of Israel, and therefore you have G-ds assistance,” Rabbi Pinto praised the minister.

“The nation of Israel is privileged to have a Defense Minister who is proud of his Judaism and Jewish heritage. You are an example of a warm Jew with deep passion and strong roots.”

Later on, Rabbi Pinto met with Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and praised him, too: “You dedicate yourselves to the nation of Israel. G-d should grant you great success, satisfaction, and the strength to succeed in all of the big things you do for all the people of Israel.”

Rabbi Pinto added: “We have to learn from you how a Jew should act. You have uplifting virtues and great uniqueness and wisdom.

Many rabbis participated in the engagement celebration, including Rabbi Pinto’s father, Rabbi Haim Pinto, the rabbi of Ashdod, and Rabbi Shalom Arush, the leader of the “Hut Shel Hesed” organization, public figures, members of Knesset, mayors, and a large crowd.

Following the celebration, Rabbi Pinto returned to his home in Rabat, Morocco. On Thursday, he is expected to arrive at the old cemetery in Essaouira, Morocco, to visit the grave of the great Rabbi Haim Pinto and to pray for the nation of Israel.